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Go for the Fences - Literally - With Our Services in Circleville & Chillicothe, OH

Trust TNT Outdoor Services with your fencing needs. We offer commercial and residential fencing services for the Circleville & Chillicothe, OH area. Our primary service is fence installations. We work with various types of materials, including aluminum, vinyl, chain-link and wood. All you do is call us, and we'll come measure your property and get started as soon as possible. You can rely on TNT Outdoor Services to give you a fence that gives you the protection your property needs.

Call us today at 614-332-1177, to learn more about our fencing services in Circleville & Chillicothe, OH.

You won't be fenced in by our options

Although we use standard materials, we don't make standard fences. We'll custom design your fence to match your vision and complete your lawn's unique look. We have a variety of products and can paint your fence whatever color you choose.

Complete your unique landscape with a customized fence from TNT Outdoor Services.