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Weed Control, Fertilization, and Insecticide

Trust TNT Outdoor Services for Dynamite Service in Circleville & Chillicothe, OH

Our services will blow you away

Lawn maintenance can be a hassle whether you're a homeowner or a business owner. Let TNT Outdoor Services take that stress away by maintaining your lawn for you! We offer three service packages to suit your various needs:

Basic - Includes four weed controls and summer fertilization
Standard - Includes four weed controls, fertilization and two insecticides in the yard and around your property's foundation
Deluxe - Includes four weed controls, fertilization, two insecticides, one core aeration with overseed and one preventive grub treatment

For all our packages, we use a slow-release fertilizer to give you a gorgeous lawn that'll be the talk of the town. Whether you want the basics or the full treatment, you can count on TNT Outdoor Services to give you superior lawn protection and maintenance services.

Call us today at 614-332-1177 to see which package would best benefit your property in Circleville & Chillicothe, OH.

We'll make the rounds on your property for optimal lawn care service

Literally. We apply our products when conditions are right. Our services extend from March through September for our basic and standard packages and through October for our deluxe package. Here's what we'll do each month:

Round 1 (March) - Pre-emergence treatment for crabgrass plus fertilization
Round 2 (April-May) - Pre-emergence treatment plus broadleaf weed killer application
Round 3 (May-June) - Broadleaf weed control and fertilization
Round 4 (June, standard and deluxe packages only) - Insecticide application
Round 5 (June, deluxe package only) - Grub prevention treatment
Round 6 (July, standard and deluxe packages only) - Insecticide application
Round 7 (August-September) - Broadleaf weed control plus fertilization
Round 8 (September-October, deluxe package only) - Fall core aeration and overseed application

Your lawn will look as fresh as a daisy year-round with our services. Contact us today to get started on your lawn maintenance service in Circleville & Chillicothe, OH.